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Proud to be the heart of your community.

Studio is Based in Warrington market

and you can also tune us in you're car radio's

1332am Radiowarrington

If you have a Community fun day.

You would like us to come to or

to promote on air. Contact radiowarrington on the website.


on line community radio station for Warrington

Studio No. 01925 555110


Lazy show 28 November 2015

Winter Wonderland


 The old Ritz Building

Try to find the copyright owner of this photo.

Here a photo of Mr Smiths. Was Called Synergy. Opened on March 14 Closed in the summer & it's called HaloWarrington. November 2008 In 2010 It also closed.

In 2011 reopened as Mr Smiths night club. Now it's still closed in 2014

Soon be opened. For the youth.

In April 14 & 15 Mr Smiths was on fire. And it was knock down.

Now it's a carpark 2015

Check out this facebook page. For news what's happening.

Save The Ritz/ Mr Smith's Art Deco Building

This stone. Is from the Original Bridge 1900's

The Ritz / Abc Cinema

Opened Aug 1937. Closed 23 October 1982. As cinema.

Then opened as Mr Smiths night club


Walton hall gardens

Walton hall was used as a set. for tv programme.

Our Zoo. In summer 2014


Aerial views.

Taken from Hill cliff.





Radiowarrington does Full match commentary of the Warrington Wolves & Match report on the Warrington town games.

Home & away

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This was taken. From Warrington walking day. 

Bank park 


Me doing my show at the Warrington market studio

Saturday night Party & Dance Anthems





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This photo was taken at the studio's at Cinamon Brow farm.

Me doing the Saturday night dance & party  show.

On a saturday night 8-10pm

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DJkenny on radiowarrington

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A photo of me at Warrington market

photo Taken by Gordon gandy


Check out this website www.mywarrington.me.uk