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Orford Park

Thanks to Gordon gandy letting me use these photo's.

he also has his own website. Scoll down to the page.

This was taken at Orford park festival.


        The photo's above was taken 2011   

Photo of the new orford park pond.

Same shot taken in 2012

This is looking towards the park 2011

Same view 2012

This is looking towards winwick road


This is before work started. On Orford park.

The photo above & below. Taken from the same shot.

This taken in 2012

Work started getting underway 2010

Here some photo's of Orford project being built in stages.


Here getting the foundation for the new building 2010

 This is going to be football pitches.

 This view is what now decathlon carpark 2011

Photo above when it was the field 2010 (called the back field)

A photo's of Orford old carpark. 

Later this view will be grass


This is the old Community centre

Here in 2007


Old Community centre 2007

This is the new orford park facilities.

with cafe & toliets, community centre.

A view of the park in 2011

Building of the skate park.

Here's a view of the new scate park 2012

Taken from the same shot. In 2011

two photo's of the skate park 2012

A view of the bowling green..


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